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देश का माहौल खराब नही हुआ,
बस हिंदुओं ने गलत को गलत कहना शुरू कर दिया हैं!

दिल्ली मे जितने भी रोड मुगलो के नाम है सब को बदल कर हेलिकॉप्टर हादसे मे शहीद जवानो के नाम से करे सरकार🙏

Demise of CDS Gen Bipin Rawat & other officers in chopper crash is big loss to the nation

Russian made chopper Mi 17 V5 is one of the latest versions of military transport helicopter. It's used for all dignitary movements including the prime minister's.

1. BHU will start the postgraduate course on Hindu Studies from this academic session.

2. VNSGU to start post-graduation course in Hindu Studies from new academic session.

Two universities, hoping more to come.

Historic decision to Decolonize
Govt in Madhya Pradesh all set to ban use of Urdu, Arabic & Persian words in Police processes

Mughals left 100s of years ago
And yet Urdu,Arabic & Persian words still dominate in पुलिस karyavahi &reports all over India
Next step?

Winter is coming !!

It's raining today.😃