What is Figlr app?

Figlr App is a microblogging platform where individuals can voice their opinions in their own mother tongue. People post figi, which may be a simple text, photo, video or a combination of all types. These figi are visible to your followers or anyone who searches your profile. In case the community reacts to the content you post, your figi show up in the trending section.

What different devices are compatible with Figlr ?

An internet connection and a mobile or computer will do. The app can be downloaded from App Store. If you are someone who loves to use figlr on your computer you can go here.

What's a Figlr post?

A Figlr is any opinion expressed in any form such as text, photo, video or a combination of any of these. To post a Figlr simply click on the + and you are ready to express yourself. We have another surprise, while inputting any text, simply click on the + and select multiple languages and now you are multilinguist.

What can I post on Figlr?

You can post text, video audio or any combination of these. Figlr doesn’t encourage any content that is harmful in nature. You can view guidelines. For any content that is against our guidelines we take the necessary actions.



Love someone's opinion and want to get more updates. You can follow that person and you will get all his posts. You can follow a particular individual by going to the profile > + follow. You can unfollow by going to profile > following > yes.

Where can I follow?

You can search for handles, import from contacts or by going to the people tab.

Who is following me?

You can find your followers by going to your profile > followers. The followers can only view your Figlrs and do not have access to DM etc. If your Gender and Marital status are turned off to the public, they will not be visible to your followers. You can also block certain followers.

Who am I following ?

You can find the profiles you follow by going to your profile > followers.

Can I block a follower?

In case you don't want a particular follower to get your updates you can do by going to your profile > followers > Particular profile > ?



Edit Profile Picture

You can edit your profile picture by going to ⚙ > Edit Profile > . You can either take a photo or upload from your gallery.

Set your Gender and Marital status to Private or Public

After filling the details a Figlr user can choose to disclose the gender and marital status to other Figlr users by setting it to on or off. You can find the settings in App settings > Edit Profile > Gender/ Marital Status.

Account Deletion

We are sorry that you want to leave Figlr . You can delete your Account by going to ⚙ > Delete. Once requested the account goes in suspension for the next 30 days. This period is given so that if the user wants to use Figlr again he can do so. During the suspension if the user logs in the request to delete gets cancelled. After 30 days the account along with all the details are erased from our servers.